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3rd Mar, 2013

[She hadn't expected to be enjoying herself as much as she was. She'd allowed Klaus to accompany her, she didn't know why she'd agreed to it but it had been a promise, afterall. Saving her friends' life for a date seemed like a pretty fair trade and as of right now she was definitely glad that she'd made the agreement. He could be a lot of fun when he wanted to be, even though she was reluctant to admit it to herself, definitely not even thinking about admitting it to anyone else.

She took the champagne glass off of him as he walked back over, crossing her legs as she leaned back against the bench, looking over at him curiously before shaking her head and looking out across the water.

Nope. I don't get it.

14th Mar, 2012

[It had been a long, long day and all Caroline wanted to do was curl up under her covers and sleep for a month. Unfortunately, seeing as it was 2am she'd be getting five if she was lucky. She walked out of the bathroom and into her bed, quickly drifting off.]

5th Mar, 2012

[There were a lot of things that Caroline Forbes was good at, unfortunately for her- studying wasn't one of them. She was an A* student but she had to work for it and right now it was sunny outside and she wanted to be anywhere other than the dark library. With a sigh she turned down another row, running a finger along the books as she went along.]

If I were a diary where would I be...?
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