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5th Mar, 2012

[There were a lot of things that Caroline Forbes was good at, unfortunately for her- studying wasn't one of them. She was an A* student but she had to work for it and right now it was sunny outside and she wanted to be anywhere other than the dark library. With a sigh she turned down another row, running a finger along the books as she went along.]

If I were a diary where would I be...?


7th Mar, 2012 21:44 (UTC)
[he nodded.] I grew, but basically the same. Nothing really exciting's happened since then. [lies, smooth and precise run off his tongue.]
7th Mar, 2012 21:53 (UTC)
I saw the growing part- yeah. [She laughed a little, nodding.] Uhm, tell me your brother isn't in town?
7th Mar, 2012 21:58 (UTC)
Sorry - [a sheepish look as he cringes in sympathy.] He is. But he won't come by here at least? Allergic to libraries. It's a chronic illness.

[he kids. Dean's plenty smart. But he isn't one for seeking him out anymore. He had his job to stake out, Sam did the reading.] How'd you been? You look just the same. Heh.
7th Mar, 2012 22:33 (UTC)
I guess I'll just do a lot of reading, then. [She nodded, taking the book that she'd wanted off the shelf and then going over to Sam, sitting next to him and putting the book on the table.] Me? Oh, same old same old. Nothing much going on in Mystic.
11th Mar, 2012 22:32 (UTC)
...so sorry, I thought I'd tagged this days back! V.V;
[he watched her, not expecting that so it's a bit of a surprise. But not an unwelcome one. He shifts a little to make room, discretely closing up more.. ah, suspicious documents and titles up before she could ask.] It's a smaller town than I expected it'd be...
12th Mar, 2012 13:29 (UTC)
it's fine, >.<
Why'd you come here? Did your brother get someone pregnant? [She arches a brow teasingly, opening the book and scanning the first page.]
12th Mar, 2012 19:07 (UTC)
Thank god, no! [he looks struck by the thought.]
12th Mar, 2012 19:45 (UTC)
[She can't help but laugh at his reaction, shaking her head.] Small mercies, so why are you here?
12th Mar, 2012 20:08 (UTC)
To.. take in the sights? [he cringes at the excuse.] Okay, don't laugh - uh. We're kinda on an extended... road trip together.
12th Mar, 2012 20:14 (UTC)
You're on a road trip and you ended up here?
12th Mar, 2012 20:17 (UTC)
I know - crazy, right? Or small world. Pick one. [he teases, leaning in a bit.] You know I have to tell Dean you're here, right?
12th Mar, 2012 21:57 (UTC)
Yeah, I know. [She nods a little, her eyes going down to the table for a moment before looking back at Sam.] Or- well, technically you wouldn't have to. My real name isn't Amanda, that's my middle name. I'm called Caroline, that's what everyone here calls me.
13th Mar, 2012 10:07 (UTC)
[his brows raise a moment at that.] I won't ask, but... you're okay, right? No.. trouble? [that she had to fake her name, he means.]
13th Mar, 2012 17:50 (UTC)
Yeah-yeah, I'm fine. It was just easier to be Amanda over there, don't ask. [She nodded a little, she'd have to go into how her father had left to be with his new boyfriend and that wasn't something she wanted to get into.]

How long are you gonna be in town for?
14th Mar, 2012 21:28 (UTC)
[he hadn't planned on it - none of his business. He didn't like people in his because it just complicated things and Sam still hated the compulsive lying he had to do, for their supposed greater good. He shook himself mentally before replying, surprised she asked.

What - was she hoping to see Dean? Wow. That'd be.. awkward. And there was no way he was saving his brother from that.]
Not too long, don't worry. You won't even notice.
14th Mar, 2012 22:19 (UTC)
[To see Dean? A world of no, she was just wondering. If she could avoid seeing Dean Winchester's face again she would, especially seeing as the asshole probably just got even more attractive.]

You should come to the grill before going, it's pretty cool. Read less books. [She was just teasing, her tone implied that.]
16th Mar, 2012 15:14 (UTC)
I like books. [he insists, corner of his mouth turning up.] Is that the bar? I think it's a bar -- we saw it driving up.
18th Mar, 2012 00:40 (UTC)
Well; yeah, it's a bar. But there's also food there and pool. I guess bars tend to have pool, though... huh.
18th Mar, 2012 14:41 (UTC)
I'll come. [on the basis.. there's probably too much jailbait around for Dean to really want to. He hoped.] Guess I'll see you soon. [but for now - he had to go. Gathering his papers, a photograph slips between them and Sam ducks to retrieve it.]
18th Mar, 2012 15:55 (UTC)
we are such a cliche
Oops. [She turns in her chair and ducks down to get it, pausing at the proximity.] Uhm... [She looks down again to try and dispel some of the awkward and notices what's on the picture.] ...What's this?
18th Mar, 2012 15:59 (UTC)
- hey, no one told you to duck ^^;
...A very questionable photograph. [of her class year. Sam takes it back, slowly because hey - she's already seen it and all. His eyes raise, a little guilty, to hers.] Okay, so.. we might have planned this trip. But I swear - I didn't think we'd run into you.
20th Mar, 2012 17:02 (UTC)
that's true :L
You came here with a picture of me, but you didn't expect to see me? What's going on? [Now she's suspicious, sitting back up straight on her chair and folding her arms.]
22nd Mar, 2012 00:04 (UTC)
[he sighs a little.] Just - trust me. It's better you don't know.
23rd Mar, 2012 20:01 (UTC)
Huh. Funny. Here I was thinking that yeah, I kinda do.

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