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14th Mar, 2012

[It had been a long, long day and all Caroline wanted to do was curl up under her covers and sleep for a month. Unfortunately, seeing as it was 2am she'd be getting five if she was lucky. She walked out of the bathroom and into her bed, quickly drifting off.]


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19th Mar, 2012 20:51 (UTC)
[Thankfully, Klaus had been allowed into the Forbes household, making it all too easy to slip in through the window. He settles in the chair at her vanity and steeples his fingers, concentrating on Caroline's thoughts, letting them gradually shift from her own to what he wants her to see.

The two of them, in Paris, watching the fireworks at the Eiffel Tower. Dancing together at some grand ball. Strolling through museums and discussing their favourite artists.

Together in a lush hotel room, sharing champagne and strawberries. Exchanging tender kisses and smiles. Curling up amongst silk sheets, whispering loving words in between caresses.]
20th Mar, 2012 17:13 (UTC)
you're adorable, like a puppy. sdfiusdj
[A smile crept onto her lips at the scenes, turning over in her sleep to better relax and enjoy her dreams.

The thoughts and projections were everything she'd never known she wanted, all of the culture and history that she'd never been able to share with anyone else. She could share it with him, Klaus knew it all better than she did.

A content sigh escapes her sleeping body at the last scene, her mind didn't associate him with the danger that it did when she was awake, it rested solely on how good it felt to be in his arms, how soft his lips were against her own.
26th Apr, 2012 04:14 (UTC)
[It's rather satisfying, to see her happy at the dreams he's giving her. The sigh sends a slight shiver through him, and he settles on the edge of her bed, fingertips tracing featherlight over her cheek.

The dream grows more passionate, the kisses more heated and Klaus watches Caroline's face for some sort of indication of pleasure.]
29th Apr, 2012 19:15 (UTC)
[She turned her head towards the pillow a little more as the dream became more heated, licking her lips subconsciously as she slept.

Were she aware of what was happening she would have reacted differently, but in her relaxed state she didn't put up any walls, a soft sound escaping her.
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